Shipping out

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These arrived in the post yesterday:

Some basic notions to start my sewing kit, along with a round plastic box of needles from I know not where, some shirring elastic and a fairly decent-looking pair of scissors, all of which were found in the Box of Useful Things.

I’m not quite sure of the difference between normal and bobble-headed pins (though the latter will be easier to see in the carpet when walking around in bare feet) but I thought I’d better get both. Then spent far too much time trying to decide between shades of blue Gutermann thread, and somehow feeling that if I chose the wrong one my nascent sewing career would be doomed. In reality, the candidates were all perfectly acceptable shades of mid blue. The pink is less hot pink than I hoped, but probably a good thing as I am trying to be reasonably sensible in my sewing purchases, and not end up with all manner of lovely-but-unusable stuff stashed in bags.

All came from Knit and Sew, and very speedily: I placed my order yesterday lunchtime and here it is.

Now to actually get the sewing machine purple beast out of its box. (The number of the beast was in fact the number on the box in which the beast arrived.)

Bonnet rouge

The first finished object of 2012 has made itself known:

Rubbish BlackBerry photo

More Scandinavia than Revolutionary France, but with a pleasingly Phyrygian point.

Following Mustaa Villaa’s pattern notes for garter-stitch beanies for the Finnish Red Cross, I reduced the circumference to 100 stitches to make a toddler-size hat and made one in navy and pale blue during the Christmas holidays – a quick and straightforward knit done sitting on the sofa watching reruns of Top Gear classic art-house films.

I decided to make a red and white version to use up some oddments of DK that have been hanging around for quite a while. Again, quick and straightforward though knitting in between work and other plans, progress was a bit slower and somewhat less focused. Some odd things happened – wonky stitches, a crazy loopy thing on the inside, some kind of knot – and the finishing was done in haste (and not helped by having a G&T and American Graffiti to hand).

Far from perfect, but an excellent stash-buster (see Mustaa Villaa’s wonderful multi-coloured versions) and the first knit of the 20 in 2012 challenge.

Back here

I was here …

… now I am back here, on the internet, and trying to make up for lost time on NaKniMitMo12.

I’m making a pair of mittens from Glenna C’s terrific Frostbite set, and so having my first go at stranded colourwork. All going well thus far, though I am glad of the practice I had with the Morse Mitts and the case of the inadvertently large thumbs.